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Rudess Morgenstein Project, 2007-04-02

by EnigmaSuite on Nov.22, 2009, under

Rudess Morgenstein Project, 2007-04-02, Sound Control, London, UK [FLAC + MP3]

Jordan Rudess: Keyboards
Rod Morgenstein: Drums

01. Over The Edge (edit)*
02. Crossing Over
03. Voice Synth & Keys
04. Crossing Over (reprise)
05. Roland V-Synth GT
06. Don't Look Down
07. Silly Putty Sounds
08. Screaming Head

01. Rod Morgenstein’s Speech
02. Night Wind
03. Drop The Puck
04. The Vocal Modeller
05. RA
06. Rod’s Thank You Speech
07. Dead In The Water

CD1 Tracks 01, 02, 03
CD1 Tracks 04, 05, 06
CD1 Tracks 07, 08

CD2 Tracks 02, 03
CD2 Tracks 04, 05
CD2 Tracks 01, 06, 07

DON GLORD aportes...


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1 comentarios

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