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Silver Mountain - Breakin' Chains

by EnigmaSuite on Nov.22, 2009, under

Silver Mountain - Breakin' Chains

Disco de nuestro tecladista Estrella
Jens Johansson con su hermano e invitados
es uno de los primeros discos de Jens

Track Listing:
03:08 Prophet Of Doom
04:37 Before The Storm
03:52 Felo De Se
04:27 Man Of No Present Existence
04:15 Scarlet Pimpernel
04:02 Maniac
04:36 Axeman And The Virgin
03:20 Breakin' Chains
02:34 Rider Of The Night
03:30 A.S.W.A.S.T
03:51 The Butterfly
05:17 Dance Around The Fire
05:38 Millattack;8975142;/fileinfo.html
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6 comentarios

  • Iván

    Guys... just to let you know. Usually the password is that one our friend ismael said. If it isn't, it should be said somewhere in the post.

    And if neither of those happen, then you shoul start to worry. lol

    Gracias por los aportes. \m/.

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