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Mehida - Blood & Water (2007)

by EnigmaSuite on Nov.22, 2009, under

Alguien pidio Mikko Harkin?.....servidos!!!!! Keep rockin!!!!
Mehida - Blood & Water (2007) Progressive Power Metal
Thomas Vikstrоm - Vocals
Jani Stefanovic - Guitars
Mikko Harkin - Keys
Jarno Raitio - Bass
Markus Niemispelto - Drums

01. Unchaining
02. Wings Of Dove
03. Burning Earth
04. Multitude
05. Stronghold
06. Guilty
07. A Letter From Home
08. Dry Bones
09. Lost Ones
10. Grace
11. Outro - End Of The World
Pass: haRD
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Silent Voices - Building Up The Apathy (2006), Melodic Progressive/Power Metal

by EnigmaSuite on Nov.22, 2009, under

Banda paralela del gran Henrik Klingenberg (Sonata Arctica)..presentando este 3 cd ..practicando un progressive power metal de gran factura...a bangear!!! Keep rockin!!
*Artist: Silent Voices
*Album: Building Up The Apathy
*Year: 2006
*Genre: Melodic Progressive/Power Metal
*Country: Finland (Kokkola)
1. World's End 09:46
2. Distorted 06:58
3. Once Lost Life 06:06
4. Blood Of Eden 07:46
5. Corridors 06:06
6. Hollowed 06:35
7. The Realm Of Flames 06:07
8. Into The Flow 10:20
Total playing time: 59:56
Current line-up:
Timo Kauppinen - Guitar (Turhuuden Markkinat)
Jukka-Pekka Koivisto - Drums (ex-Immortal Souls)
Henrik Klingenberg - Keyboard (Mental Care Foundation, ex-Requiem (Fin), Sonata Arctica) Pasi Kauppinen - Bass (Mental Care Foundation, Requiem (Fin), Winterborn)
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Chroma Key - Graveyard Mountain Home (2004)

by EnigmaSuite on Nov.22, 2009, under

Ultimo trabajo de este gran tecladista Kevin Moore, ojala les guste


1. YYY (2:11)
2. Give Up (4:04)
3. White Robe (4:55)
4. Mother’s Radio (4:15)
5. Graveyard Mountain Home (2:32)
6. Salvation (2:40)
7. Before You Started (4:24)
8. Human Love (6:02)
9. Come In, Over (5:02)
10. Pure Laughter (2:08)
11. Andrew Was Drowning His Stepfather (2:12)
12. Sad Sad Movie (5:41)
13. True And Lost (2:31)
14. Again Today (4:45)

Total Time: 53:22

- Kevin Moore / vocals, guitars, keyboards & programming

Guest musicians:
- Utku Unal / drums
- Theron Patterson / programming (#4, #8, #14) & bass guitar
- Bige Akdeniz / additional vocals & lyrics (#9 & #13)
- Bob Nekrasov / monologue (#8)
- Erdem Helvacioglu / additional guitar (#3)

Agradecimientos a nuestro amigo de Venezuela Jorge VKEY
y a mi Madre que participo en esta subida de disco conmigo :D:D

...tengo una madre tecnologica
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Concerto Moon - Rain Forest (2002)

by EnigmaSuite on Nov.22, 2009, under

Banda Japonesa de un exelente power metal neoclasico a lo Yngwie Malmsteen, su tecladista es exelente y la musica es de buena calidad..., recomendado !!

Norifumi Shima - guitars
Kosako Mitani - bass
Ichiro Nagai - drums
Toshiyuki Koike - keyboards


01. Prologue
02. Time To Die
03. Lonely Last Journey
04. Fight To The Death
05. Half Way To The Sun
06. Rain Forest
07. Unstill Night
08. Live On The Memory
09. Victim Of Desire
10. Picture Of An Old Man
11. Break It Down
12. Time To Die Extended [Track bonus]
13. King Of The Judas [Track bonus]
14. Waltz For Masquerade [Track bonus]
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SANDALINAS - fly to the sun 2008

by EnigmaSuite on Nov.22, 2009, under

El pasado18 de enero de 2008 salio en Europa a través del sello alemán METAL HEAVEN, FLY TO THE SUN, el nuevo álbum de SANDALINAS. Como adelanto el grupo ha colgado tres temas en su web de myspace ( Los temas son los siguientes: FLY TO THE SUN, BAD DREAMS y NEVER SEEN BEFORE. El nuevo album de SANDALINAS, FLY TO THE SUN ha sido grabado, producido, mezclado y masterizado por Andy LaRocque en Los Angered Studios y en los Sonic Train Studios de Suecia. Las baterías han sido grabadas en Davie, West Palm Beach y los teclados en Burbank, California. FLY TO THE SUN contará con los siguientes termas:

Melodic Progressive Metal
Origin Formed in Current label Status
Spain (Barcelona)
2004 Metal Heaven Records Active
Current line-up
Rick Altzi - Vocals (At Vance)
Jordi Sandalinas - Guitars
Mat Saint - Bass
Alvaro Svanerö - Drums
Former/past member(s)
Living on the Edge - (2005) line-up:
Jordi Sandalinas: Guitars
Apollo Papathanasio: Vocals (ex-Time Requiem, Meduza, Gardenian, Majestic, Evil Masquerade, Firewind)
Xavier Perez: Drums
Fran Duarte Caparroce: Bass
Marcus Palsson: Keyboards

Guest musicians:
Derek Sherinian (DREAM THEATER) - Keyboards
Chris Caffery (SAVATAGE) - Guitar
Andy La Rocque (KING DIAMOND) - Guitar

"Fly to the Sun" was recorded and produced by Andy LaRocque at his Los Angered
Recording in Sweden.
1. Fly To The Sun
2. Never Seen Before
3. Bad Dreams
4. Back From The Light
5. No Matter What
6. As The Rain Falls
7. Double Cross
8. Ring Of Fire
9. The Wrong Side Of Me
10. Shadows In The Rain
11. The Healer Talks
12. Seasons In The Sand
PASS: elshooto
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Vitalij si es Dios!!

by EnigmaSuite on Nov.22, 2009, under

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The Reign of Terror - Sacred Ground

by EnigmaSuite on Nov.22, 2009, under

ine up:
Michael Vecera - vocals
Joe Stump - guitars
Jay Rigney - bass
Matt Scurfield - drums
guest Mats Olausson -keyboards

all songs by Joe Stump & Michael Vescera
except instrumental 4., 10 -by Joe Stump
and KIll The King -RAINBOW cover(Blackmore, Dio, Powell)
1.Save me05:03
2.Sacred ground05:20
3.The unknown06:27
4.Paganini's purgatory (instrumental)03:03
5.Set us free04:02
6.When will we know07:26
7.Last time05:39
10.Dante's danza (instrumental)04:12
11.Still holding on07:26
12.Kill the king
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SILVER SERAPH (Pete Sandberg)

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Silver Seraph is a hardrock / melodic metal band from Malmö, Sweden. The band was put together by Richard Andersson (Evil Masquerde, Majestic, Time Requiem) and Pete Sandberg (Alien, Jade, Midnight Sun) during spring 2000 with the intention of making traditional classic hardrock in the vein of Rainbow/Deep Purple.
The line up was completed with
Peter Wildoer (Darkane, Majestic and ex-Arch Enemy) on drums
Jorgen Birch (Jade and Bai Bang) on guitar
Jens Lundahl (ex-Black Totem) on bass.

Energetic recording, solid tracks, great production.
Overall the album reminds me the sound and the spirit of Yngwie Malmsteen's 'Facing The Animal'. If you are into this style, this is for you. REMEMBER, if your like it, BUY IT.
1. Aftermath

2. 7th Day Of Babylon

3. Cry From Hell

4. Desperate Heart
5. Shadowland
6. Shadow

7. Nosferatu

8. In The Dark

9. Black Rain

10. Loving You
11. Constant Reminder

Pete Sandberg - vocals
Jorgen Birch - guitars

Jens Lundahl - bass

Richard Andersson - keyboards

Peter Wildoer - drums
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Evil Masquerade

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Liderados por el guitarrista Henrik Flyman y el vocalista Enrik Brockmann (ex Royal Hunt), con el apoyo de una sección rítmica compacta formada por Dennis Buhl (batería) y Kasper Gram (bajo) y las colaboraciones especiales de los teclistas André Andersen (Royal Hunt), Richard Andersson (Time Requiem) y Mikkel Jensen, Evil Masquerade despliegan un ingenio muy particular en sus composiciones, influenciadas por el metal melódico y neoclásico combinado con un personal toque de teatralidad que, en sus momentos más exóticos, incursiona en las fronteras de la opera, al estilo de lo que hicieron Queen en su momento, como lo demuestran cortes como el propio Theatrical Madness o Bozo The Clow.

Evil Masquerade - Welcome To The Show (2004)


01. Intro (Ride Of The Vakyries / Grand Opening)
02. Welcome To The Show
03. The Wind Will Rise
04. Oh Harlequin
05. Surprises In The Dark
06. But You Were Smiling...
07. Children Of The Light
08. Lucy The Evil
09. Badinerie
10. Deliver Us
11. Evil Masquerade
12. Kimigayo Wa Chiyoni

Henrik Flyman - guitar
Henrik Brockmann - vocals
Dennis Buhl - drums
Kasper Gram - bass

Special guest keyboard players:
Mats Olausson, Richard Andersson, André Andersen, Lars Boutrup

Género: Melodic Heavy Metal
País: Dinamarca
Formato: mp3
Calidad: VBR
Tamaño: 70,7 mb
Uploader: PeaceMaker
Covers: Front, Inside & Back

Evil Masquerade - Theatrical Madness (2005)

01. When Satan Calls
02. Theatrical Madness
03. Bozo the Clown
04. Now When Our Stars Are Fading
05. A Great Day to Die
06. The Demolition Army
07. Snow White
08. Witches Chant
09. Other Ways to Babylon
10. The Dark Play
11. Outro

Henrik Flyman - guitar & vocals
Henrik Brockmann - lead vocals
Dennis Buhl - drums and percussion
Kasper Gram - bass

Special guest keyboard players:
André Andersen, Richard Andersson, Mikkel Jensen

Evil Masquerade - Third Act (2006)


01. The Devil's Last Temptation
02. Third Act
03. Black Ravens Cry
04. Descended from the Grave
05. Far Away
06. The Dark Minstrel Plays
07. I'll Make You Burn
08. Under the Surface of Water
09. Orchestration for More Than One Horn
10. Bring on the World
11. The Final Goodbye
12. Limbo

Henrik Flyman - guitar
Apollo Papathanasio - vocals
Dennis Buhl - drums
Thor Jeppesen - bass

Special guest keyboard players:
David Rosenthal, Richard Andersson

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Majestic - Abstract symphony (2005)

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Peter Espinoza - guitarra
Martin Wezowski - bajo
Jonas Blum - voz
Joel Linder - bateria
Richard Andersson - teclado

Track listing

01. Golden sea
02. Losers shades of hell
03. Standing alone
04. Silence
05. Crimson sun
06. Ceasefire
07. Black moon rising
08. Blood of the tail
09. Shadows from beyond
10. Nitro pitbull
11. Seekers battlefield

dedicado a la banda unica banda desente de San Antonio...
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Blackmore's Night - Under a violet moon (1999)

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- Ritchie Blackmore / bass, guitar, mandolin, tambourine
- John Ford / bass, vocals (background)
- Jeff Glixman / keyboards
- Jens Johansson / keyboards
- Roy McDonald / keyboards
- Mark Pender / trumpet
- Kevin Dunne / drums
- Jost Pogrzeba / percussion
- Thomas Roth / bagpipes, vocals
- John Gould / vocals (background)
- Miri Ben-Ari / violin
- Mike "Metal" Goldberg / drums
- Scott Hazel / vocals (background)
- Candice Night / vocals, penny whistle
- Mick Cervino / bass
- Jason Chapman / trumpet, Flugel Horn
- Peter Rooth / bass, Drum Programming
- Des Geyer Schwarzer Haufen / Bagpipes, vocals
- Christof Heus / trumpet
- Mrs. Heller / Hurdygurdy

Track listing

01. Under a violet moon
02. Castles and dreams
03. Past time with good company
04. Morning star
05. Avalon
06. Possum goes to Prague
07. Wind in the willows
08. Gone with the wind
09. Beyond the sunset
10. March the heroes home
11. Spanish night [i remember it well]
12. Catherine Howard's fate
13. Fool's gold
14. Durch den wald zum bach haus
15. Now and then
16. Self portrait
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SNAKE CHARMER - backyard boogaloo (1998)

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Snake Charmer are:

Göran Edman - Vocals
Per Stadin - Bass
Anders Johansson - Drums
Benny Jansson - Guitars
Jens Johansson - Keyboards

PASS: elshooto
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Nocturnal Rites - Grand Illusion (2005)

by EnigmaSuite on Nov.22, 2009, under

Album de esta gran banda de Metal Melódico con las participaciones especiales de Stefan Elmgren (Hammerfall), Jens Johansson (Stratovarius), Henrik Danhage (Evergrey) y Kristoffer W. Olivius (Naglfar).


1. Fools Never Die
2. Never Trust
3. Still Alive
4. Something Undefined
5. Our Wasted Days
6. Cuts Like a Knife
7. End of Our Rope
8. Never Ending
9. One by One
10. Deliverance

Descarga Directa:

se agradece a DA por el aporte
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Artension - Phoenix Rising (1997)

by EnigmaSuite on Nov.22, 2009, under

... A criterio muy personal es lo mejor que ha hecho Vitalij Kuprij con Artension...10 excelentes y poderosas canciones de progressive neoclassical-metal.... esta de mas describir el lucimiento de Vitalij en cada track, y la banda en completa forma ...enjoy!

01) Area 51
02) Through The Gate
03) Valley Of The Kings
04) Blood Brother
05) Into The Blue
06) Phoenix Rising
07) Forbidden Love
08) The City Is Lost
09) Goin' Home
10) I Really Don't Care (Instrumental)

Vitalij Kuprij: keys
Roger Staffelbach: guitars
John West: vocals
Mike Terrana: drums
Kevin Chown: bass
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Roland Grapow - The Four Seasons Of Life (1997)

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Atendiendo los pedidos, aqui esta el 1er disco en solitario de este excelente guitarrista de Masterplan y ex Helloween, en el que Roland se ocupa de las guitarras... y de la voz - cosa que personalmente me agrada poco XD... pero vale, con Ferdy Doernberg solido en los teclados (Y).... Un buen registro de power metal neoclasico!
01. Prelude no.1 - Presto
02. The winner
03. No more disguise
04. Show me the way
05. I remember
06. Dedicated to...
07. Searching for solutions
08. Strange
09. Bread of charity
10. The 4 seasons of life
11. Finale de souvenier
Roland Grapow - voz, guitarra
Markus Grosskopf - bajo
Uli Kusch - bateria
Ferdy Doernberg - teclado
Ralf Scheepers - voz [track 7]
Axel Rudi Pell - guitarra [2nd solo track 2]
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Smoke On The Water - A Tribute To Deep Purple & Rainbow

by EnigmaSuite on Nov.22, 2009, under

Track Listings
1. Speed King - Deen Castronovo, Todd Jensen, Jens Johansson, Kelly Keeling, Yngwie Malmsteen, Russ Parrish
2. Space Truckin' - Deen Castronovo, Todd Jensen, Jens Johansson, Tony MacAlpine, Russ Parrish, Kip Winger
3. Stormbringer - Deen Castronovo, Glenn Hughes, Todd Jensen, Jens Johansson, John Norum, Russ Parrish
4. Rat Bat Blue - Deen Castronovo, Todd Jensen, Jens Johansson, Richie Kotzen, Russ Parrish
5. Lazy - Deen Castronovo, Todd Jensen, Jens Johansson, Yngwie Malmsteen, Russ Parrish, Joe Lynn Turner
6. Maybe I'm a Leo - Deen Castronovo, Paul Gilbert, Todd Jensen, Jens Johansson, Russ Parrish
7. Smoke on the Water - Deen Castronovo, Todd Jensen, Jens Johansson, Rob Mason, Robert Mason, Russ Parrish
8. Fireball - Reb Beach, Deen Castronovo, Don Dokken, Todd Jensen, Jens Johansson, Russ Parrish
9. Hush - Deen Castronovo, Todd Jensen, Jens Johansson, Russ Parrish, Jeff Scott Soto, Mike Varney
10. Woman from Tokyo - Deen Castronovo, Tony Harnell, Todd Jensen, Jens Johansson, Vinnie Moore, Russ Parrish

" A bunch of DP songs which people are 'guest starring' on. (Yngwie, Paul Gilbert amongst others. Highlights: Yngwie, Paul and Jeff Soto IMO)"
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Robert Blennerhed - Seven

by EnigmaSuite on Nov.22, 2009, under ,

Según dan cuenta varios lugares de internet, Blennerhed tuvo problemas con heridas en sus manos, además de tener que luchar con el hecho de ser un músico independiente, y poco despues de sacar este disco en 1994 decidió vender todo su equipamiento, retirar toda su música de internet y cortar su carrera musical.
Una verdadera pena si tenemos en cuenta esta producción de gran calidad del guitarrista. sus acompañantes, los siempre impecables hermanos Johansson y el talentosísimo Jonas Hellborg. una verdadera joya de la fusión, que quizás y lamentablemente sea la unica obra de este prometedor guitarrista.


Robert Blennerhed / Guitarra

Anders Johansson / Batería

Jonas Hellborg / Bajo

Jens Johansson / Teclados

el disco es tan UNDER ...que ni siquiera le encontre caratula desente
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Mastermind - Excelsior! (1999)

by EnigmaSuite on Nov.22, 2009, under

Track Listings
1. On The Road By Noon (6:15)
2. The Approaching Storm (7:15)
3. Tokyo Rain (6:36)
4. The Red Hour (1:36)
5. Decide For Yourself (5:23)
6. Sudden Impulse (4:59)
7. Sky Dancer (5:53)
8. When The Walls Fell (13:28)

Total Time: 51:18

- Bill Berends / guitars, midi-guitar, bass
- Rich Berends / drums, timpani, percussion
- Jens Johansson / keyboard and synthesizer

Additional musicians:
- Bob Eckman / 5 string bass
- Mike Mironov / tabla & percussion

why in 4 parts??----
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Labyrinth - Return To Heaven Denied

by EnigmaSuite on Nov.22, 2009, under

Frank Andiver Drums, Engineer
Chris Breeze Bass
Andrew McPauls (ex Vision Divine)
Piano, Keyboards
Anders Rain Guitar
Rob Tyrant Vocals, Vocals (Background)
Mat Stancioiu Drums
Olaf Thörsen (actual Vision Divine)

Siendo uno de los mayores discos de Power Metal en la historia, reconocido en el primer lugar en varias top lists, y siendo el mejor album de la banda Italiana, les presento este clásico, una obra de arte producida en el año 1998 bajo el sello discografico de la reconocida disquera "Metal Blade"
uno de mis pocos discos favoritos.

1. Moonlight 05:43
2. New Horizons 06:23
3. The Night of Dreams 04:48
4. Lady Lost In Time 05:33
5. State of Grace 03:08
6. Heaven Denied 04:58
7. Thunder 04:21
8. Feel 04:23
9. Time After Time 05:07
10. Falling Rain 06:24
11. Die for Freedom 07:00
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Platypus - Ice Cycles (2000)

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Ty Tabor - vocals, guitars, percussion
Derek Sherinian - keyboards
Rod Morgenstein - drums
John Myung - bass

01 - Oh God
02 - Better Left Unsaid
03 - The Tower
04 - Cry
05 - I Need You
06 - 25
07 - Gone
08 - Partial To The Bean - a) Intro Pompatous
09 - Partial To The Bean - b) Yoko Ono
10 - Partial To The Bean - c) Yoko Two-No
11 - Partial To The Bean - d) Yoko Three-No
12 - Partial To The Bean - e) Platmosis
13 - Partial To The Bean - f) Yoko Againo
14 - Partial To The Bean - g) Yoko Outro

Este es un disco que grabo John Myung bajista de DT con invitados como Derek y Rod

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Vinnie Moore - Time Odyssey (1988)

by EnigmaSuite on Nov.22, 2009, under ,

Tremendo album instrumental de este virtuoso guitarrista de metal neoclasico, que cuenta con Mr. Jordan Rudess como absoluto amo y dueño de las teclas..... Heavy-Progressive-Neo-Classic-Shred Metal del bueno!!!!

1.Morning Star 03:24
2.Prelude - Into the Future 04:24
3.Beyond The Door 05:30
4.Message in a Dream 09:11
5.As Time Slips by 06:43
6.Race with Destiny 06:36
7.While My Guitar Gently Weeps 04:41
8.The Tempest 08:48
9.Pieces of a Picture 06:14
10.April Sky 05:12
Total playing time: 1:00:43
P.D: Karma again! XD
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Arcturus (Nor) - The Sham Mirrors 2002 (black metal/avant garde)

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Atendiendo pedidos...subo este album de esta banda de black metal-avant de mis preferidos Arcturus con el gran Steinar Sverd Johnsen en los teclados...excelentes armonias...y sordidas melodias..basta escuchar Star-crossed con esa intro de realmente de temer..sin mas ..disfruten! ...Keep Rockin!!!

Arcturus (Nor) - The Sham Mirrors 2002
Steinar "Sverd" Johnsen - Keyboards
Jan Axel "Hellhammer" Blomberg - Drums
Knut Magne Valle - Guitar
Hugh Mingay - Bass
Simen "Vortex" Hestnæs - Vocals
Tore Moren - Guitar
1. Kinetic 05:25
2. Nightmare Heaven 06:05
3. Ad Absurdum 06:48
4. Collapse Generation 04:13
5. Star-crossed 05:01
6. Radical Cut 05:08
7. For To End Yet Again 10:33
P.D : I RULE!!!!
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Time Requiem - Unleashed In Japan [live] (2003)

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Disco en vivo de este engendro neoclasico del Sr. Richard Andersson....enjoy! ;)
Artist: Time Requiem

*Album: Unleashed In Japan [live]

*Year: 2003

*Genre: Neo-Classical - Progressive - Power Metal

*Country: Sweden

01. Time Requiem 9:47
02. Watching The Tower Of Skies 8:09
03. I´ll Shoot The Moon 4:50
04. Approaching The Storm 5:52
05. The Aphorism 4:02
06. Milagros Charm 5:53
07. Visions Of New Dawn 7:07
08. Above And Beyond 7:56
09. Voodoo Treasure 6:33
Total playing time: 1:00:09

- Richard Andersson - Keyboards
- Peter Wildoer - Drums
- Magnus Nord - Guitars
- Apollo Papthanasio - Vocals
- Dick Lövgren - Bass
- Jonas Reingold - Bass
- Zoltan Csörsz - Drums
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Roland Grapow - Kaleidoscope (1999)

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2do album solista d este excelente guitarrista que actualmente lidera Masterplan y que durante mucho tiempo fue guitarrista de Helloween... El estilo es altamente neoclasico y de pronto muy en la vena de Malmsteen (album "Magnum Opus") alineacion dice mucho.
All songs written by Roland Grapow except where noted

1. "Walk On Fire" – 4:30
2. "Under the Same Sun" – 5:23
3. "The Hunger" – 6:05 (Grapow/Michael Vescera)
4. "A Heartbeat Away" – 5:26
5. "Hidden Answer" – 5:03 (Grapow/Vescera)
6. "Till the End" – 3:50
7. "Kaleidoscope" – 6:45
8. "Angel Face" – 5:47
9. "Listen to the Lyrics" (Instrumental) – 3:55
10. "Reaching Higher" – 5:10
11. "Lord I'm Dying" – 4:34 (Grapow/Vescera)

Roland Grapow – guitars
Mike Vescera (ex Loudness, Yngwie Malmsteen) – vocals
Barry Sparks (Dokken, ex Malmsteen, MSG) – bass guitar
Mike Terrana (Masterplan, Artension, ex Malmsteen, Rage) – drums
Ferdy Doernberg (Axel Rudi Pell, Rough Silk) – keyboards
Jens Johansson (Stratovarius, ex Malmsteen) - keyboard solos (Tracks 9 & 10)
Tammy - howling intro (Track 10)
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Solid Vision - The Hurricane (2006) Progressive Metal

by EnigmaSuite on Nov.22, 2009, under

Excelente banda italiana de progressive metal..con un Americo Rigoldi de muy buen trabajo en los teclados..esta banda fue la elegida por charlie dominici el ex cantante de dream theater para renacer su carrera musical y formar DOMINICI contanto con Solid Vision como musicos de sesion tanto para la grabacion de su disco..como para las giras.. enjoy!

*Artist: Solid Vision
*Album: The Hurricane
*Year: 2006
*Genre: Progressive Metal
*Country: Italy (Cagliari)
*Format: mp3@VBR223*Size: 81 Мб.

1. Ivan (1:31)
2. The Hurricane (4:57)
3. Spectrum (4:35)
4. Will You Back Home (6:32)
5. Panic (6:20)
6. Train Of Mind (5:55)
7. Confusion (4:40)
8. Endless War (5:57)
9. Shattered World (7:27)
Total playing time: 47:57

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Vision Divine - The 25th hour (2007)

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The 25th Hour es el quinto álbum en estudio de la majestuosa banda power metal Italiana. El lanzamiento del disco fue el 25 de Junio con una gran aceptación entre los fanáticos.

Line Up:
Olaf Thorsen - guitarra
Michele Luppi - voz
Cristiano Bertocchi - bajo
Federico Puleri - guitarra
Alessio "Tom" Lucatti - teclados
Alessandro "Bix" Bissa - bateria

Track list

01. My angel died
02. The 25th hour
03. Out of a distant night [voices]
04. Alpha & omega
05. Eyes of a child
06. The daemon you hide
07. Waiting for the dawn [instrumental]
08. The essence of time
09. A perfect suicide
10. Heaven calling
11. Ascension
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Sonata Arctica - Winterheart's Guild

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Sonata Arctica es una banda de Power Metal Sinfonico finlandesa proveniente de la ciudad de Kemi formada en 1996 bajo el nombre Tricky Beans, que después cambió a Tricky Means, y finalmente a Sonata Arctica, en 1999.

Tony Kakko – vocalista, teclado
Jani Liimatainen – guitarra
Marko Paasikoski – bajo
Tommy Portimo – batería
Jens Johansson – teclado en "The Cage", "Silver Tongue", "Victoria's Secret" y "Champagne Bath".


1. Abandoned, Pleased, Brainwashed, Exploited (5:37)
2. Gravenimage (6:58)
3. The Cage (4:37)
4. Silver Tongue (3:58)
5. The Misery (5:08)
6. Victoria's Secret (4:43)
7. Champagne Bath (3:57)
8. Broken (5:18)
9. The Rest of The Sun Belongs to Me (4:22) (Bonustrack)
10. The Ruins of My Life" (5:14)
11. Draw Me (4:06)

creo qeu este disco no estaba, asi qeu ahi se les postea para recordar a sonata en uno de sus mejores discos......obviamente por la presencia de Johansson en las teclas.
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Jens Johansson - Fission (1997)

by EnigmaSuite on Nov.22, 2009, under

1. Hooded Strangers (10:41)
2. Phase Camouflage (6:48)
3. Zero Sum Game (3:36)
4. Acrostic Shibboleth (8:12)
5. Don't Mention the War (10:48)
6. Race Condition (7:32)
7. Crowd Tectonics (6:14)
8. Nystagmus (3:58)
9. Beautiful Lung Dogs (10:45)


Jens Johansson / keyboards, saxophone
Anders Johansson / drums, percussion
Mike Stern / guitar
Shawn Lane / guitar

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